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We provide flexible hosting that matches your needs. We don't offer preset plans, and don't charge money for what you don't use. We individually work with each client to deliver highest possible performance for your web project, be it a simple homepage/domain pointer or a multi-server portal. Stability is a number one priority here, so you won't have to worry about changing hosting providers no more.

Prices can be as low as 5$/month for a static businesscard site, 7-50$/month for an active php site, or 50+$/month for your own managed server - discounts available when paid annually. 24/7 support, backups, premium bandwidth providers, top availability (SLA guarantee: 99.9% uptime or your month free). Fully redundant datacenter in Virginia, US. Hot-swap RAID5 drives.

Why no fancy site? All of our customers are existing customer referrals, and all hosted sites get individual attention, so we don't attract bulk customers through the site. However, we'll do a free hosting/optimisation evaluation if you email us your current site pointer or describe the project to be hosted, but we can not guarantee that we will accept your site - referral from existing customer would be nice.

Contact us for more details: Sales. For support, contact TechTeam.

Our domain name registrar (you can pick your domain if you don't have one): NameCheap

DigitalOcean is one of the VPS providers we use, if you are a developer definitely consider directly renting a machine there.

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